My Bills


SB18-049: Hands-free cell phone use while driving – Current law prohibits the use of wireless telephones while driving for individuals who are younger than 18 years of age. The bill would have:

  • Extended the prohibition to drivers of all ages;
  • Increased the penalty for minor drivers from $50 per violation to $300 per violation, to match the penalty that currently applies to adult drivers who text while driving;
  • Extended the existing prohibition of the use of wireless telephones to include all mobile electronic devices;
  • Created an exception to the prohibition of the use of mobile electronic devices for adult drivers who use a mobile electronic device through the use of a hands-free device; and
  • Repealed a sentence enhancement for a violation that causes a bodily injury or death because that is covered under other existing law

Postpone Indefinitely in the Senate State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee

SB18-053: Primary Offense For No Safety Belt– Current law requires every driver of and every front-seat passenger in a motor vehicle equipped with a safety belt system to wear a fastened safety belt while the motor vehicle is being operated. The bill would have extended this requirement to every passenger in a motor vehicle.

Current law provides that a law enforcement officer may not cite a driver of a motor vehicle for a failure to wear a safety belt unless the driver was stopped for a different alleged traffic violation. The bill would have repealed this limitation, allowing a law enforcement officer to stop and cite a driver solely for a failure to wear a safety belt.

Postpone Indefinitely in the Senate State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee

SB18-141: Income Tax Check-off Nonprofit Donation Fund– Concerning voluntary contribution designations on the Colorado individual income tax return form.

This bill will open up the Income Tax Check-off Program to all non-profits who are in good standing on the Secretary of State list.  It will become active when sufficient funds are donated to offset the costs of setting up the portal so that filers can access the list to choose from the various non-profits on the expanded list to whom they want to contribute. The bill does not change the existing list of the 20 non-profits already on the form.

Signed into law by the Governor

HB18-1028: Attorney General Deceptive Practice Court Order– Under current law, if a person does not cooperate with an investigation by the attorney general or a district attorney regarding a potential deceptive trade practice, the attorney general or district attorney may seek a court order requiring compliance with the investigation. The application for a court order must state why the order is necessary to terminate or prevent a deceptive trade practice.

The bill will allow a judge to issue a court order if compliance with an investigation is necessary to investigate a deceptive trade practice.

Signed into law by the Governor

HB18-1054: Affordable Housing Plastic Shopping Bag Tax – Concerning an increase in funding for affordable housing through a tax on plastic shopping bags.

Postpone Indefinitely in the House Local Government Committee

HB18-1128: Protections For Consumer Data Privacy– Except for conduct in compliance with applicable federal, state, or local law, the bill requires covered and governmental entities in Colorado that maintain paper or electronic documents (documents) that contain personal identifying information (personal information) to develop and maintain a written policy for the destruction and proper disposal of those documents. Entities that maintain, own, or license personal information, including those that use a nonaffiliated third party as a service provider, shall implement and maintain reasonable security procedures for the personal information. The notification laws governing disclosure of unauthorized acquisitions of unencrypted and encrypted computerized data are expanded to specify who must be notified following such unauthorized acquisition and what must be included in such notification.  No fees can be charged to the consumer.

Signed into law by the Governor

HB18-1182: Statewide System For Advance Directives – This bill would have created and administered a statewide electronic system (system) that allows medical professionals and individuals to upload and access advance directives, the department of public health and environment would create such a system. ‘Advance directive’ means:

  • A declaration as to medical treatment;
  • A medical durable power of attorney;
  • A directive relating to cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • A medical orders for scope of treatment form;
  • A designated beneficiary agreement; or
  • Any legal form of these types that has been properly executed in another state in accordance with the laws of that state.

Postpone Indefinitely in the House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee

HB18-1272: Network-level Distracted Driving Control Technology – Concerning the availability of network-level mobile phone distracted driving prevention technology.

The bill would have required a provider of commercial mobile radio service in Colorado to make network-level distraction control technology available to the provider’s customers so that, at the customer’s request, the provider can limit distracting content on an authorized user’s mobile electronic device from the network level while the authorized user is driving.

Postpone Indefinitely in the Senate State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee

HB18-1304: DOR Department Of Revenue Enforcement Measures Collection Of Tax Owed – Concerning enforcement measures available to the department of revenue for the collection of delinquent taxes.

The bill specified that the period of time wherein a tax must be assessed is extended in the case of a taxpayer whose assets are in the control or custody of a court or in the case of a taxpayer who has filed bankruptcy proceedings.

Postpone Indefinitely in the Senate State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee

HB18-1436: Extreme Risk Protection Orders– Concerning creation of an extreme risk protection order to keep firearms out of the hands of those adjudicated to be in danger of harming themselves or others.

The bill would have created the ability for a family or household member or a law enforcement officer to petition the court for a temporary extreme risk protection order (ERPO).

Postpone Indefinitely in the Senate State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee


SB 027: Increase Penalty Texting While Driving – Increases fine for texting and driving from $50 to $300; increases penalty from 1 to 4 points. Defines texting as “careless driving,” while allowing rare use of cell phones in vehicles for texting when the vehicle is not in motion (such as when stopped in traffic by an accident or red light).  Signed by governor.

SB 054: Create Rotation Schedule For Tax Checkoff Programs – Creates rotation schedule for nonprofits on income tax return “checkoff” system, so that the list of nonprofit recipients is not always the same. Failed in Senate committee.

SB 079: Limits Amendments To Initiated Statutory Laws – Limits legislature’s ability to amend laws passed by ballot initiative for 3 years.  Failed in Senate committee.

SB 119: Restoration Of School District Mill Levies – Restores the school district mill levies in local districts. Some school districts now legally choose to levy a bit less than the possible amount on local property taxes, which causes the state to pick up the rest of the tab.  Failed in Senate committee.

SB 152: Implement Changes Made By Amendment 71 – Implements Amendment 71, passed by voters to make it more difficult to amend the Colorado Constitution.  Signed by governor.

SB 220: Sunset Restorative Justice Coordinating Council – Continues the existence of the Restorative Justice Coordinating Council.  Signed by governor.

SB 221: Sunset Review Court Security Cash Fund Commission – Continues the existence of the Court Security Cash Fund Commission.  Signed by governor.

HB 1179: Immunity For Emergency Rescue From Locked Vehicle – Allows people, after exhausting other options, to break car windows to save people and animals who are endangered in a closed vehicle.  Signed by governor.

HB 1288: Penalty For Felony DUI Offenders – Mandates 90-180 days in jail for committing a 4th DUI offense.  Signed by governor.


HB16-1297:  Reestablish Check-Offs Excluded from 2015 Tax Form – This made sure that all the non-profits that had appeared on the 2014 income tax form would get reinstated on the 2017 form.  Signed into law, 4/14/2016

HB16-1030:  Off Highway Vehicles Regulation and Local Government – This bill was needed to make access for Off Highway Vehicles easier when state highways intersect with county and local roads. I was especially interested in this bill to help disabled veterans enjoy our backcountry.  Signed into law, 4/12/2016

HB16-1053:  End of Life Options for Terminally Ill Individuals – We hoped that making numerous changes to our Death with Dignity bill from 2015 to End of Life Options would give this bill a better chance.  It did come out of the Judiciary Committee, but we couldn’t get the votes to get it further.  Deemed Lost in the House, 2/24/2016.

HB16-1140:  Campaign Contribution Limits for School District Director Elections – The Colorado Constitution places strict limits on statewide races, but School Board races were left out.  Rep. Dan Pabon and I thought these kinds of races should have limits, but our colleagues disagreed.  Lost in State, Veteran and Military Affairs, 3/21/2016

HB16-1182:  Sunset Commodity Metals Theft Task Force – During the Great Recession this Task Force was established to review and monitor thefts of metals like copper piping from construction sites.  This bill continues the work of the Task Force.  Signed in to law, 4/12/2016


HB15-1057: The Statewide Initiative Process – Requires the Legislative Council Staff to prepare an initial fiscal impact statement for any citizen-initiated measures that are certified for the statewide ballot. This bill will ensure that the electorate is adequately informed about the financial impacts of a given measure as early as possible, and in a clear and easily understood manner. Signed into Law, 5/18/2015.

HB15-1135: Terminally Ill Individuals End-of-Life Decisions – The “Death with Dignity Act” allows individuals with a terminal illness to request, and self-administer life-ending medication from a physician under certain conditions. Lost in the House Public Health Care and Human Services Committee, 2/6/2015.

HB15-1374: Option to Invest TABOR Refund In State Services – This bill creates the option for Coloradans to voluntarily donate their TABOR sales tax refund towards state services. This aims to bolster the State’s general revenue stream in the face of the constricting revenue limits put in place by TABOR. Lost in the Senate State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee, 5/1/2015.

HB15-1389: Create New Hospital Provider Fee Enterprise – Creates a Health Care Affordability Enterprise that is responsible for the collection of the hospital provider fee. By administrating the hospital provider fee through a state enterprise, this bill exempts the provider fee from the TABOR state revenue limits. Lost in the State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee, 5/5/2015.

HB15-1391: PERA & Denver Public Schools 5 Year True-up – Reduces Denver Public Schools’ employer pension-contribution rate from 13.75 percent to 10.15 percent. This reduction will allow for DPS to equalize its payroll, and invest about $20 million annually in our classrooms. Signed into Law, 6/3/2015

SB15-013: Extend Deadline for Dog Protection Act –Aims to reduce the number of dogs shot by officers of municipal police departments and sheriffs’ offices by requiring local law enforcement agencies to develop training programs to prepare officers for encounters with dogs in the line of duty. The extension moves the deadline for training completion from January 1st to June 30th, 2015. Signed into law 5/20/2013

SB15-027: FFPA Board Assess Administrative Charges – Recommended by the Police Officers’ and Firefighters’ Pension Reform Commission, this bill allows the Fire and Police Pension Association to create rules for the assessment of interest on unpaid contributions to statewide plans. The bill also empowers the board to assess individual plans administered by the FPPA for operational costs that are incurred by the FPPA in complying with regulatory requirements, attributable to each plan. Signed into Law, 3/14/2015



HB14-1074: Allowable Expenses Renting Tax Exempt Property – Under Colorado law, when a nonprofit organization leases their property to another nonprofit organization, the landlord organization is limited to the collection of “reasonable expenses” for the use of its property. This bill expands the list of reasonable expenses to include depreciation, long-term maintenance, capital for refurbishing the property, and expenses incurred for conservation measures. Signed into Law, March 14, 2014.

HB14-1269: Marketplace Fairness & Small Business Protection – Expands the definition of a company’s “nexus” for sales tax purposes, broadening the types of business activities that create taxable sales. This will clarify which out-of-state retailers are required to collect and remit sales tax on behalf of the State. Signed into Law 6/6/2014

HB14-1347: Seven-day Court Time Intervals – Establishes seven-day time intervals for various statutory legal processes. These intervals are used to compute filing deadlines and other significant dates following the initial act.  Signed into Law, 5/15/2014.

SB14-039: Pre-veterinary Emergency Care For Dogs And Cats – Permits emergency medical personnel responding to the scene of an emergency to voluntarily deliver pre-veterinary care to domesticated dogs and cats. Signed into Law, 3/20/2014

SB14-176: Criminal Penalties for Chop Shops – Makes the ownership or operation of a “chop shop” a class 4 felony. This penalty also applies to any individuals who knowingly conspire and/or conduct business with shops who trade in unlawfully obtained cars and components. Signed into Law, 6/6/2014.

HCR14-1002: Constitutional Initiative Petition Signatures – Modifies the requirements for a citizen initiated constitutional amendment. Specifically, it doubles the number of signatures required for an initiative petition from five to ten percent, while also requiring that a minimum number of signatures be collected from each congressional district. Lost in the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee, 4/30/2014.



HB13-1039:  Moneys Credited to Legislative Dept. Cash FundSigned into law, 4/19/2013

HB13-1113:   Alternate Property Tax Protest and Appeal Procedure – Requires distribution of notice to property owners concerning the value of their land.  Signed into law, 3/8/2013.

HB13-1145:  Administration of Senior Property Tax Exemptions  – Requires more timely notification regarding the senior property tax homestead exemption.  Signed into law, 4/4/2013.

HB13-1228:  Payment for Background Checks for Gun Transfers – Imposes a small fee, around $12, for performing an instant criminal background check upon the purchaser of a gun. Previously, the state provided a subsidy to gun purchasers for this fee.  Signed into law, 3/20/2013.

HB13-1246:  Modify Property Tax Exemptions for Nonprofit Organizations – This bill provides more flexibility for non-profits to protest property taxes.  The need for this bill was brought to my attention by constituents in Lowery who took over ownership of the Eisenhower Chapel.  Signed into law, 5/7/2013.

HB13-1319:  Assessment of Ratio for Residential Real Property – Sets the ratio of valuation for assessment for residential real property for the 2013 and 2014 property tax years at 7.96%.  Passed the House and Senate.

SB13-159:  Sunset Division of Financial Services 2024 – Continues the division of financial services.  Signed into law 5/11/2013.

SB13-226:  The Dog Protection Act – Aims to reduce the number of dogs shot by officers of municipal police departments and sheriffs’ offices by requiring local law enforcement agencies to develop training programs to prepare local law enforcement officers for encounters with dogs in the line of duty. This training will emphasize how to recognize common dog behaviors and how to employ nonlethal methods to control or respond to dogs.  Signed into law 5/20/2013.

SB13-247:  Reciprocal Debt Collection Agreements – This bill specifies procedural requirements to be followed before the state controller may certify a debt to the department of revenue to be offset against a tax refund.  Passed the House and Senate.

SJR13-011:  Career and Technical Education Month
– Recognizes February 2013 as Career and Technical Education Month in order to promote the development of technical skills and to stimulate economic growth.  Adopted.



HB12-1089: Specific Wording on Ballots, Yes/For and No/Against  – Many times, constituents have told me that they’ve been confused when voting on ballot issues as to whether yes really means that they’re for the idea and no really means they’re against it.  This bill will solve that problem.  Starting in 2012 and fully implemented by 2013, your ballot will now have yes/for and no/against as your choices when voting on ballot issues.  I hope this helps us all understand Colorado’s complex ballots a bit more easily.  Signed into law 3/24/2012.

SB12-155: Concerning CORA (Colorado Open Records Act) and the Integrity of Ballots
  –  While I completely support transparency, I also want our County Clerks to have the ability to tabulate ballots efficiently and effectively.  Working with Senator Rollie Heath, numerous interested parties, and activists from around the state we fashioned a bill that we hope will make it easier for clerks to do their jobs, while also protecting the public’s right to review the process.  This was one of the bills that was not acted upon during the fiasco of the final week of the regular session.  But we were able to amend in into HB12-1036, which was passed during the special session, and signed into law by the Governor on June 7th, 2012.

HCR12-1002: Concerning Passing a Means Test for the Senior Property Tax Exemption  –  During the budget debates, many of you suggested that the Senior Homestead Property Tax Exemption should apply only to seniors who really need the relief because of their economic circumstances.  This House Concurrent Resolution would have gone to the ballot so you could decide if the existing language regarding this exemption in our constitution should be changed to allow for means testing.  Lost in the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee 5/2/2012.

HCR12-1003: Concerning our State Constitution and Raising the Standards Required for Changing It  –  This is one of the issues I’ve been working on for 4 years.  You have told me that you want a change to our State’s Constitution to be done differently than a change to our state’s statutory laws.  This House Concurrent Resolution would have done that, but it was lost in the House.  I know we need this issue to get to the ballot, so I will continue to work on it.  Lost in the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee 5/2/2012.

While the four bills/measures I’ve listed above were the ones I put the most time into, I did sponsor several others, all of which were killed in various committees.  Here are links to those bills:

HB12-1067: Contribution Limits For School Boards & RTD Directors Campaigns
HB12-1076: Additional Voluntary Information on Citizen Petitions
SB12-090: Restore Medicaid Funding for Circumcision



HB11-1035: Concerns including an informative statement in the ballot information booklet before each measure on the ballot.  Signed into law 3/17/2011.

HB11-1090 Concerned forming a statewide ballot title ie. Making ballot measures more easily readable- lost in committee.:  Lost in the House Appropriations Committee 2/18/2011.

HB11-1117: Concerns subpoenas issued by administrative law judges in campaign finance proceedings.  Signed into law 3/21/2011.

HB11-1229: Concerned requirements affecting the creation of issue committees under Colorado law governing campaign finance.  Lost in the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on 3/09/2011.

HB11-1232: Concerns the administration of trusts with court-appointed fiduciaries and the creation of a guardian registry.  Lost in the House Judiciary Committee on 2/22/2011.

HJR11-1014: Concerns urging the government of Turkey to uphold and safeguard religious and human rights without compromise.  Adopted.

SB11-190: Concerned increasing transparency of state government through annual citizen-centric performance and accountability reports by departments.  Lost in the Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on 3/21/2011.

SCR11-001: Concerned an amendment to the Colorado constitution to increase the number of votes needed to pass a constitutional amendment to 60% of votes cast by citizens and the state legislature.  Lost in the House.



HB10-1047: Concerned the form of a statewide ballot title.  Lost in the Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on 5/3/2010.

HB10-1072: Concerned converting general fund reserve to a state budget stabilization reserve fund in order to assist the state during economic down turns.  Lost in the House Finance Committee 3/10/2010.

HB10-1156: Concerned the public financing of political campaigns for legislators and the creation of the state public election fund financed primarily by voluntary contributions from CO residents.  Lost in the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on 3/25/2010.

HB10-1251: Concerned file retention by attorneys of record in felony criminal cases.  Lost in the House Judiciary on 4/8/2010.

HB10-1370: Concerning disclosure requirements that apply to statewide ballot measures.  Signed into law 5/25/2010.

HB10-1423: Concerned eliminating the requirement that an initiative petition circulator be a resident of the state:  Lost in the House.

HB10-1424: Concerned modifying deadline for filing an imitative petition with the secretary of state from 3 months prior to three months and three weeks prior to an election.  Lost in the House.

SB10-199: Concerned clarifying revisions to certain provisions of the CO probate code.  Signed into law 6/7/2010.

SB10-216: Concerned the order in which statewide ballot measures appear on a ballot.  Signed into law 6/10/2010.

SCR10-003: Concerned more stringent requirements for changing the Colorado State ConstitutionLost in the Senate.

SJR10-002: Concerned request for a comprehensive tax survey.  Adopted.



HB09-1016: Drivers License Temporary Presence: exception to the requirement that a person who is in CO be licensed to drive by the Department of Revenue when a person drives while present in CO for business.  Lost in the House Transportation & Energy Committee on 2/3/2009.

HB09-1091: Requirement that carbon monoxide alarms be installed in residential properties.  Signed into law 3/24/2009.

HB09-1140: Clarifying the process of direct democracy.  Lost in the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on 3/26/2009.

HB09-1171: Concerns requirements related to the instillation of manufactured homes.  Signed into law 4/3/2009.

HB09-1326: Concerns the integrity of the statewide citizen-initiated petition process.  Signed into law 5/15/2009.

SB09-076: Concerns taxes going to the division of employment and training.  Signed into law 6/2/2009.

SB09-111: Continues the “Notaries Public Act”.  Signed into law 4/22/2009.

SB09-228: Increases the flexibility of the General Assembly to determine appropriate use of state revenues.Signed into law 6/3/2009.