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Lois Court
State Senator

Senator Lois Court is an experienced legislator for Colorado. First elected to the State House in 2008, where she served for eight years, and then elected to the State Senate in 2016, she is a retired teacher of American government at Red Rocks Community College, and was an aide to former Mayor Wellington Webb of Denver.  For the 2019-2020 session, Lois was elected President Pro Tempore of the State Senate.

As a State Representative, Lois earned a reputation as a leader who puts partisanship aside to do what’s best for Colorado. She led the fight for Colorado’s End Of Life Options effort, has championed single-payer health insurance, worked to invest TABOR refunds into state priorities, and, most importantly, been a stalwart voice for resisting rewriting Colorado’s state constitution with policy initiatives, understanding what few leaders do: that our Constitution is the foundation, and lawmakers and laws help us shape our state.  In the Senate, among other legislation Lois has championed bills to promote driving safety, particularly aimed at reducing distracted driving due to cell phone use, and gun safety (extreme risk protection order).

As a candidate, Lois has never taken PAC or Small Donor Committee contributions. Lois believes special interest money has no place in our democracy.

Lois and her husband Pat have lived in the Congress Park neighborhood for over 33 years , have been married for more than four decades, and have two grown sons.

In her eight years in the Colorado State House, Lois championed significant progressive reforms, including:

Ballot Language

Passing laws that provide for clearer, understandable and
informative ballot language

Gun Safety Legislation

Requiring gun buyers to pay for their own background checks

Public Safety

Requiring installation of carbon monoxide detectors in residential properties

Fiscal Responsibility

Requiring a fiscal impact statement for any citizen-initiated measure certified for the statewide ballot

Public Schools

Sponsoring legislation that puts $20 million annually for five years into Denver
Public School classrooms

Benefit Nonprofit Organizations

Providing nonprofits greater flexibility to protest taxes

Small Business Protection

Clarifying which out-of-state retailers are required to collect and remit sales tax on behalf of the state

Protections for family pets

Ensuring protections for family pets, like optional pre-veterinary
emergency care from EMTs, and first-of-its-kind in the nation
training for peace officers to understand canine behavior

Leading the fight for End of Life Options

For two years Lois fought to pass this legislation that would allow mentally competent, terminally ill adults in Colorado the ability to request a prescription from their doctor to help them achieve peaceful death

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