Representative Lois Court is an experienced legislator for Colorado. First elected to the State House in 2008, she is a teacher of American government at Red Rocks Community College, and was an aide to former Mayor Wellington Webb of Denver.

Guess who’s supporting me in my

campaign for State Senate District 31:

Governor John Hickenlooper

Former Mayor Wellington E. Webb

Former State Senator Joyce Foster

Former Governor Bill Ritter

Former Governor Roy Romer

Former Governor Richard Lamm and
Ms. Dottie Lamm

Former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy

Former Mayor Federico Peña

Speaker of the House Dickey Lee Hullinghorst

Speaker Pro Tempore Dan Pabon

Former Speaker Mark Ferrandino

Former State Senator Pat Pascoe

Former Councilwoman Peggy Lehmann

State Senator Mike Johnston

State Senator Andy Kerr

State Senator Mike Merrifield

State Representative Jeni Arndt

State Representative Rhonda Fields

State Representative Mike Foote

State Representative Millie Hamner

State Representative Pete Lee

State Representative Beth McCann

Former State Representative Jenise May

Mike Beasley

Michael L. Bender & Helen Hand

Byron Bergman

Jim Carpenter

Noel Congdon

Will Coyne

Mike Dino

Bruce and Jaren Ducker

Adam Eichberg

Peter & Rhondda Grant

Lori Greenstone

Roland Halpern

Josh Hanfling

Dr. Charles Hamlin

Barbara Lee

Lino Lipinsky

Rosemarie & Jerry McDermott

Mike McGuire & Debbie Kaller

Alan Salazar

Patti Shwayder & Steve Coffin

R.D. Sewald

Sally Shafroth

Michael Stratton

Tom & Jean Sutherland

Ted Trimpa

And Many More . . .

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Hickenlooper   “No one has worked harder or more effectively at the State Legislature than Lois Court. She is principled and fights tenaciously for the people of her district. I hope you’ll join me in supporting her for the State Senate.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper,
Governor of Colorado

Webb   “Lois Court worked for me when I was Mayor of Denver. She understands the complexities of public policy issues and I know she is passionate about public service. She will be a tireless worker for the people of Senate District 31. I urge you to join me in supporting her candidacy.”

Wellington E. Webb,
Former Mayor of Denver

Foster “I’ve known and have worked with Lois Court for over 20 years. Her ability to clarify and explain complicated and complex public policy issues is definitely her strength. She’s thoughtful and engaged, and really considers all sides of the issues on which she votes. Lois understands the importance of local governments and will protect us in Denver. Lois Court has my support to be our next State Senator.”

Senator Joyce Foster, D-Denver,
Senator D-Denver

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